Get Involved


We always have a need for fosters to join our team. Fostering is so important because the more fosters we have, the more animals we can help. Becoming a foster is the same process as adoption.

  1. Fill out the adoption application: Please download and complete the adoption application in the Microsoft Word program and save it as a Word document. Then email it to us for review.
  2. Application review: We will review your application and determine if you seem to be a good fit for our foster program. We will then go through your references (including but not limited to vet references and rental company references) and call you for a phone interview. If all goes well the next step is a home visit.
  3. Home visit: We will conduct a home visit to make sure your home is a safe and proper environment for a pet. If all goes well the next step is to approve your foster application. All vet visits and medications will be paid for by us, but you will need to be able to take the animals to vet appointments and rescue events.



Occasionally we may have a need for volunteers. Possible opportunities could include rescue transportation, dog walking, adoption events, and the like. Contact us by email to see what our current volunteer needs are.