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Dogingham Palace Rescue is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and all donations are tax deductible. You may donate money directly through our PayPal link below or in the main menu. If you would prefer to donate money directly to one of the veterinarians we use, please contact us for instructions. We always welcome donated goods, please see our wish list below.

Wish List

Items such as food, shampoos, dental kits or medications should be in new condition. Other items may be in gently used condition but must be able to be washed and/or cleaned. Toys should be free from tears/holes/fraying and if plush must be able to be washed. Click to DOWNLOAD & PRINT WISHLIST.

  1. Dog Food (dry kibble and wet canned) within freshness date

  2. Dog Treats (various kinds) within freshness date

  3. Topical Flea Medication within use by date

  4. Worm Medication within use by date

  5. Heartworm Medication within use by date

  6. Capstar Flea Tablets within use by date

  7. Seresto Dog Flea Collars

  8. Flea Shampoo

  9. Dog Shampoo

  10. Flea and Coat Combs

  11. Potty Pads

  12. Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes

  13. Training Leashes 15 ft.

  14. EZ Walk Head Collars

  15. Dog Dental Kits

  16. Triple Antibiotic Cream

  17. Nail Trimmers

  18. Dog Hair Clippers

  19. Dog Beds

  20. Dog Toys miscellaneous

  21. Nylabone Chews

  22. Kong Toys

  23. Kennels and Crates

  24. Runs and Pens

  25. Dog Shirts and Sweaters 

  26. Towels